The purpose of this Directive shall be to establish a national currency for the NCFC in all manner as to support its viability.

Definition 1: The Ministry of the Treasury hereby establishes the NCFC Dollar as the official currency of the NCFC.

Definition 2: The NCFC shall be backed in trade by gold in reserve, held for deposit by the Ministry.

Definition 3: The NCFC shall offer gold certificates or NCFC dollars to anyone presenting gold to the Ministry or one of its branch locations for deposit.

Definition 4: The trade of gold in excess of 1oz is hereby outlawed.

Definition 5: Hoarding gold reserves outside of Ministry approval is hereby outlawed.

Definition 6: Anyone found to be in violation of this directive shall be fined no less than $5000 and shall be found in direct violation of Senate Resolution 001, subject to criminal persecution.

Signed this Day,

Arthur Dayne,

Minister of the Treasury

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