A Constitution to Restore the Commonwealth Edit

Article I: Establishment Edit

Section 1: The New Commonwealth of Free Citizens is hereby established.

Article II: The Senate Edit

Section 1: The New Commonwealth of Free Citizens' Senate is hereby formally established.

Section 2: The Senate shall consist of 2 elected representatives from each of the member states, elected by processes to be decided by the individual member states.

Section 3: For security concerns, the Senate Headquarters shall temporarily be held in Boston Airport until a permanent headquarters is established.

Section 4: The Senate be responsible for setting its own decorum.

Section 5: The Senate shall have the power, by simple majority vote, to establish law.

Article III: The Judiciary Edit

Section 1: The Senate shall establish a high court which shall have the sole responsibility of reviewing matters of law.

Section 2: The High Court shall consist of five members appointed by the Senate and approved by the Sentinel.

Article IV: The Sentinel Edit

Section 1: The Office of the Sentinel is hereby formally established.

Section 2: The Sentinel shall serve as Chief Executive of the Commonwealth, as well as Commander-in-Chief.

Section 3: The Sentinel shall be appointed by the Senate and shall serve a term of 5 years.

Article V: The Military Edit

Section 1: The Brotherhood of Steel shall hereby be disbanded.

Section 2: The New Commonwealth of Free Citizens' Armed Forces is hereby established from the remnants of the Brotherhood of Steel.

Section 3: The Sentinel shall have supreme command of the Military as Commander-in-Chief, subject to any laws imposed by the Senate.

Section 4: The Sentinel shall be responsible for appointing leaders within the Military, with the Senate's confirmation.

Section 5: The Military shall be open to join by any able-bodied citizen in the Commonwealth willing to fight to defend his home. Training protocols shall be dictated by the Military's leadership.

Article VI: Amendment Process Edit

Section 1: This Constitution may be amended at any time by super majority vote of the Senate.

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