Merck Pharmaceuticals Edit

Henry Merck was a researcher for Med-Tek before the Great War. Having survived the past two hundred years as a ghoul, Henry has studied the effects of radiation on the body, as well as on viruses, bacteria, and fungi. He has advanced his research into creating new products specifically tailored to the modern day wastelander.

He established a research and manufacturing facility in Sanctuary Hills and began distribution of his products to the newly formed NCFC.

Products Edit

The Stimpak: A portable injectible solution containing regenerative properties and packed with nutrients and antibiotics.

Med-X: A powerful opiod-based analgesic designed to provide long-lasting treatment of pain.

RadAway: A breakthrough in post-war technology. Merck has managed not only to revive the formula for a powerful rad purging medication, but has managed to make it stronger. RadAway is the epitome of radiation cures.

Research Edit

Merck has spent a considerable amount of time researching cures for radiation contamination and poisoning, and the contributing effects of such. This was largely due to Henry Merck's own disdain for his existence as a ghoul. He sought a cure. Instead, he developed RadAway - a powerful drug that's capable of purging the short-term effects of radiation contamination.... but alas not a cure for the long-term effects.

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